York LX Series YCJD 13 SEER Central Air Conditioner Rating

The York LX YCJD is a space-saving AC for homes and for commercial installation. It is very affordable and offers standard-efficiency cooling suitable for summers with mild-warm temperatures. In hot climates, a more efficient AC is a better choice for keeping cooling costs under control.

The micro-channel design of the coil in this unit allows it to cool effectively while taking up less space. That makes it a good choice for yards with limited room or for commercial settings. Choose the 3-phase model for commercial use. You’ll pay 10%-15% more for it.

This York LX Series YCJD air conditioner review gives you information you can use to determine if this is the right AC for your needs. To compare this model with many others, see our collection of air conditioner ratings posts.

Energy Efficiency (1/5)

This is a 13 SEER model, and that is the lowest SEER rating currently allowed. Expect the minimum SEER rating to rise in the next few years as the demand for more efficient, ecofriendly models continues to drive up both maximum and minimum SEER levels. This unit is really only suited for climates with mild summers. Where summers are warm or hot, it will produce very high cooling bills and you’d be better off paying more for unit with better efficiency that will use less energy.

Performance Features (2/5)

This is a single-stage air conditioner with few bells and whistles. It delivers on/off cooling and might cause minor temperature fluctuations between or during cycles. The micro-channel coil gives it a more compact footprint and provides installation options for homes or businesses. The York LX Series YCJD AC is backed by a solid 10-year compressor and parts warranty.

User Rating (3/5)

Consumers looking for a low-cost, basic air conditioner with reliable performance like this unit. Those who don’t understand SEER ratings and don’t realize this unit is not very efficient are sometimes surprised by high utility bills, especially in warmer climates.

Those who rate this unit the highest are those for whom low cost is the primary reason for purchasing it. The York LX YCJD is often used in homes and businesses, but is also popular for cabins, cottages, guest apartments and other locations where an affordable AC is desired for part-time use.  In such locations, the 13 SEER efficiency isn’t a concern.

Overall York LX Series YCJD 13 Air Conditioner Rating (2/5)

If you are in the market for affordable, basic cooling and don’t need an AC with better efficiency, the York LX Series YCJD central air conditioner should give you 15+ years of dependable service.

York Affinity Series CZF 16 SEER Central Air Conditioner Rating

The York Affinity CZF is an Energy Star rated, single-stage, affordable AC with 16 SEER cooling. This is York’s second-best model and it built with quality components and backed by an excellent warranty. It’s worth a look if you don’t want to spend more on a 2-stage model like York’s top Affinity CZH central AC.

This York Affinity Series CZF air conditioner review gives you the details so you can consider this model for your use. See all of our central air conditioner ratings to compare models from the leading brands like Carrier, Trane, Lennox, Rheem and more.

Energy Efficiency (3/5)

This is an Energy Star model, but its efficiency is in the middle of the pack in terms of all models available. The most efficient central air conditioners now offer SEER ratings of 20+. With 16 SEER cooling, this unit is a very good fit where summers are cool or warm. If your summers are very hot, you might want to spend more on a unit with higher efficiency. The Energy Star rating might qualify this unit for credits or rebates from your utility company.

Performance Features (3/5)

This is a single-stage air conditioner, so it runs at full capacity when on. This might lead to slight temperature swings in your home, something a 2-stage model will help to eliminate. If you pair this AC with a variable-speed or multispeed blower, that will help.

The tradeoff is a lower cost for this model than a comparable 2-stage AC. The York Affinity CZF is equipped with the QuietDrive System that employs several design features including a compressor blanket that make this unit very quiet.

User Rating (3/5)

This air conditioner gets average ratings from consumers which isn’t surprising. York has a middle-of-the-road service record. Most units run great; a few have bugs. There have been several repair bulletins on York models in the last 10 years. York offers good customer service in making repairs and is working to eliminate the causes of the problems. This unit has a lifetime compressor warranty, something you find on very few models. The parts warrant is for 10 years.

Overall Rating (3/5)

This is a solid, reliable air conditioner. It is a good fit in cool to moderate climates where lower cost is more important than 2-stage cooling. It’s a popular choice for homes and many also use it in cabins, guest apartments and workshops. It should deliver reliable cooling when properly maintained and last 15-20 years.

York Latitude Series Model TCGD 13 SEER Central Air Conditioning Rating

The York Latitude series model TCGD central air conditioner is the most affordable in the York lineup.  This is a single-stage, 13 SEER unit that is often chosen for cool climates where low cost is more important than high efficiency.  It is also an affordable choice for part-time uses such as vacation homes. The purpose of this York Latitude Series TCGD 13 SEER central air conditioner rating is to help you evaluate this model and decide if it might be right for your situation. See our list of central air conditioner reviews for comparable models as well as those with higher efficiency and performance.

Energy Efficiency (1/5)

The current minimum SEER rating for air conditioners is 13.  If you don’t run your AC much during the summer, then this model might be a cost-effective choice for cooling since it is inexpensive.  Those who use more air conditioning should consider more efficient models than the York Latitude Series TCGD.

Performance Features (2/5)

This is a single-stage air conditioner, meaning it is either on or off.  This fact, combined with its lower SEER rating, makes the York Latitude TCGD a very inexpensive air conditioner.  If you want a unit that can provide greater temperature balance without warm/cool spots within your home, take a look at 2-stage central air conditioners from York or other manufacturers.  You’ll find many 2-stage units reviewed on this site. We should note that the York TCGD uses a MicroChannel coil that is smaller than standard coils, and the unit therefore has a smaller footprint than many 13 SEER air conditioners.  If you’ve got a shortage of space, this one is worth considering.

User Rating (2/5)

York has some work to do to gain the kind of customer satisfaction ratings that Trane, American Standard, Heil, Lennox, Carrier and other brands receive.  One thing that gives consumers confidence in buying the York TCGD central air conditioner is the 10-year warranty that covers the compressor and all other parts.  It’s a very solid warranty, equal to those of many top brands.

Overall Rating (1.5/5)

This standard efficiency, single-stage air conditioner is about as basic as it gets.  That’s what some consumers want for their home, workshop, cabin, etc.  This unit can also be a good choice for those who plan to sell their home in the near future and want a low-cost air conditioner to get them through. For basic affordability, the York Latitude TCGD 13 SEER central air conditioner might be the answer.

York Latitude Series Model TCGF 14.5 SEER Central Air Conditioning Rating

The Latitude Series TCGF central air conditioner is one of York’s most affordable models.  At 14.5 SEER, it meets Energy Star standards and offers single-stage cooling.  This is an air conditioner to consider if spending less on equipment is more important than precise climate control or higher efficiency.  It may be a cost-effective choice in cool climates or for those who intend to use it in a part-time setting and want an inexpensive central air conditioner. Our York Latitude Series TCGF 14.5 SEER central air conditioner rating evaluates this model in all the vital areas. Use the information to consider this AC for your purposes or compare it to others you’ll find in our list of central air conditioner reviews.

Energy Efficiency Rating (2/5)

This is an Energy Star AC but at 14.5 SEER, it’s on the low end of the efficiency spectrum.  If you live in a warm climate and intend to use your air conditioner heavily, consider a more efficient model.  You’ll find many high-efficiency air conditioners in our reviews.  If you live where summer temperatures are warm but not consistently hot, this low-priced heat pump might be a cost-effective choice. It is also chosen for use in vacation homes, cottage and workshops.  Some homeowners who plan to put their home up for sale in the near future also choose the York Latitude TCGF air conditioner because they are concerned won’t get their money out of a more expensive unit.

Performance Features Rating (2/5)

This is a single-stage heat pump so it offers basic, reliable cooling. The MicroChannel coil takes up less room, so this model is good for smaller spaces, though it’s not technically a compact air conditioner.

User Rating (2/5)

York air conditioners are considered good quality but are not near the top of the list in consumer satisfaction.  Those who use the York Latitude Series TCGF central air conditioner give it decent ratings for reliability. The air conditioner is backed by a very good warranty. It covers the compressor and all other parts for 10 years, the same length warranty covering all Carrier air conditioners and other top models.

Overall Rating (2/5)

This air conditioner offers basic, dependable cooling at an affordable cost.  If you are looking for an inexpensive AC, one with the potential to give you 15+ years of service, the York Latitude model TCGF central air conditioner is one that will provide it.

York LX Series Model YCJF 14.5 SEER Central Air Conditioner Rating

The  York LX Series YCJF 14.5 SEER central air conditioner is not a compact air conditioner, but it does have a smaller footprint than most models in this SEER range.  The space-saving capability is the result of patented MicroChannel technology that allows for maximum heat transfer in a smaller condensing coil, the coil in the outside unit. This York LX Series YCJF 14.5 SEER central air conditioner rating gives you information you can use to evaluate this central air conditioner and compare it to similar units.  See all of our central air conditioner reviews for comparable units.

Energy Efficiency Rating (2/5)

At 14.5 SEER, the LX Series YCJF air conditioner just meets Energy Star minimums.  It is a good choice for moderate climates where energy efficiency is not as essential. In warmer climates, consider a more efficient model from York or other top AC brand, or you may get utility bills that are higher than you expected.

Performance Features Rating (2/5)

This is a single-stage heat pump that supplies basic on/off operation.  It runs at full capacity all the time.  As a single-stage central air conditioner, it costs less than 2-stage heat pumps and makes sense where price is more important that precise control of indoor climate.  You may notice slight temperature fluctuations when cooling with the York LX YCJF central air conditioner.  If a more comfortable climate is important, take a look at the 2-stage central air conditioner reviews in our growing library.

User Rating (2/5)

York gets decent ratings from consumers, but not as high as Trane, Lennox, Carrier, Heil, or American Standard.  This central air conditioner is backed by a 10-year limited warranty that covers the compressor and the parts.  The warranty is as good as the warranty offered on top of the line Carrier central air conditioners.  With regular maintenance, the York LX YCJF 14.5 SEER central air conditioner should last 15-20 years.

Overall Rating (2/5)

This is not a top of the line air conditioner, but you won’t pay a high price for it either.  If you want to save money on your next central air conditioner and live in a mild climate, this one is worth a look. The York LX Series YCJF 14.5 SEER central air conditioner is also popular with homeowners who are planning to sell their home and don’t want to invest in a more expensive model.  It is also worth considering for use in a vacation home, cabin, workshop or other part-time location.

York Affinity Series Model TCHD 13 SEER Central Air Conditioner Rating

The York Affinity Series TCHD central air conditioner is a compact model designed for use where space is tight.  It is used in crowded yards or can be installed on the roof of a residence or business. Its compact size is the main reason to choose the TCHD. There are less expensive 13 SEER air conditioners available, and more efficient units for the same amount of money.  But when space dictates a compact model, the Affinity TCHD is worth considering. This York Affinity Series model TCHD central air conditioner rating post gives you the details so you can decide if this unit makes sense for you. Take a look at our central air conditioner ratings for other options for your home or business.

Energy Efficiency Rating (1/5)

This is a 13 SEER air conditioner, the least efficient SEER rating currently available.  Where summers are hot, this unit will produce high utility bills.  Unfortunately, there aren’t many good alternatives when a compact air conditioner is required.

Performance Features Rating (3/5)

The compact size of this unit is made possible by the patented MicroChannel coil that allows for greater heat transfer on a smaller surface.  This feature allows the unit to disperse as much heat as a full-size 13 SEER central air conditioner.  It requires only 6 inches of clearance space and has a very small footprint. The York Affinity TCHD central air conditioner is available in these sizes: 1.5, 2.0, 2.5, 3.0, 4.0 and 5.0 tons.

User Rating (2/5)

York is not one of the highest-rated brands in the HVAC industry. The York Affinity TCHD is backed by a 10-year comprehensive warranty which gives consumers more confidence to choose this model.  This model can be expected to deliver 12-15 years of good service and possibly more.  The key is to have it serviced by an HVAC professional every 1-2 years.

Overall Rating (2/5)

As we’ve mentioned, the only time you should consider the York Affinity TCHD central air conditioner is when you’ve got a very tight space in which to install your condensing unit.  It has a small footprint but it is not an efficient model.  If you don’t need a compact air conditioner, take a look at the full-size central air conditioner ratings on this site.  If you want an affordable, standard efficiency AC, a good choice for a cooler climate or for part-time use, consider the York YCJF air conditioner or affordable models from Payne, Ducane or Lennox.

York Affinity Series Model CZH 18 SEER Central Air Conditioner Rating

York makes affordable HVAC products and some, like the York Affinity CZH 18 SEER central air conditioner, also offer high-efficiency operation that will reduce energy consumption. This model should cut cooling costs by 30-50% when it is used to replace a model that is 12-20 years old.

The unit costs 20-40% more than units in the 13-16 SEER range, so whether or not it is a good economic choice depends on your climate and how long you plan to use it.  If you live in a warm climate and rely on AC for 6-8 months or more, it is a very good choice.  If you live in a cooler climate and use the AC infrequently, a lower SEER model with a lower equipment price will be a better option.  The longer you plan to use an air conditioner, the more economical a high SEER model is.  There are good performance features in this model and we continue our York Affinity CZH rating review with a look at them:

2-stage scroll compressor is quieter than a single-stage model and produces gentler, more balanced cooling.
Pressure switches and Communicating Controls protect and prolong compressor life.
R-410A refrigerant doesn’t contain chlorine so it won’t deplete the ozone layer.
QuietDrive system features fan technology, cabinet insulation and rubberized mounts to reduce noise.
Steel coil guard polymer mesh guard added to keep large and small debris from damaging the coil.
10-year comprehensive limited warranty with an extended warranty available to cover labor for 10 years.

Energy Efficiency: (4/5)

This is an Energy Star-qualified AC that has an 18 SEER rating, making it more efficient than the industry standard.  If you combine this unit with a variable-speed furnace or air handler, you’ll also reduce humidity levels more than with a single-stage model.  Lower humidity enhances comfort, so you can reduce energy use even more by setting your thermostat 2-3 degrees higher and be just as comfortable.

Performance Features: (4/5)

There are few other models in this efficiency range that offer Communicating Technology for optimized performance and protection. The York Affinity Series Model CZH 18 SEER central air conditioner rating is also high in this category for the ability it gives you to create a comfortable indoor climate with excellent air filtration.

User Rating: (2/5)

york-air-conditioner-rating-picThe York Affinity 18 SEER air conditioner has a decent track record and gets good, but not great, marks for dependability. Consumers also note how quiet the unit is and parents appreciate the rounded edges that reduce the risk of injury to children playing in the yard.  One negative is the higher-than-expected price some consumers have paid for the CZH 18 SEER AC from York.

Overall Rating: (3.5/5)

The energy savings and performance of the York Affinity l CZH 18 SEER air conditioner are very good.  If you want the best indoor comfort in the industry and don’t mind paying for it, spend the extra 15% and step up to a Carrier Infinity or a Dave Lennox Signature Series model.  If the price of those is more than you want to spend, the York Affinity Series Model CZH 18 SEER central air conditioner is a very solid alternative.