Amana model SSX14 Distinctions Central Air Conditioner Rating

Amana Distinctions models like the SSX14 central air conditioner provide homeowners with very good value.  They are priced very competitively and also offer very good performance in a standard-efficiency unit.  In warm climates where a high-efficiency AC is needed to control energy costs, a higher SEER model might be preferred, but in cooler climates, the Amana SSX14 makes good sense.  The Distinctions line also features a lifetime compressor warranty that is the best in the business.  If the compressor fails any time during the life of the unit, for the original owner, Amana will replace it.  This is especially impressive when compared to prestigious lines like Carrier Infinity, Trane XLi and Lennox Signature Series that offer a 10 or 12 year warranty, but not lifetime.  Here are the top features of the Amana Distinctions SSX14 air conditioner:

Efficient, single-stage Copeland scroll compressor.
Pressure switches provide compressor protection from high pressure and loss of charge.
R-410A refrigerant is safer and more efficient.
Filter dryer enhances compressor performance and durability.
Dense and effective compressor blanket and sound-control top reduce operating noise.
Copper tubing and aluminum fins on the coil produce fast heat dissipation.
Lifetime compressor limited warranty; 10-year parts limited warranty.

Energy Efficiency: (2/5)

The 14 SEER rating actually receives an Energy Star rating, but with residential air conditioners available with up to 24 SEER performance, this one is on the lower end of the spectrum.  However, with the lower SEER comes a lower price for the equipment, which produces a cost-effective option for homes in cooler climates.

Performance Features: (3/5)

The Amana model SSX14 Distinctions central air conditioner rating for features is very high for a reason. The pressure switches and filter dryer produce better performance for the compressor and give it unsurpassed longevity.  That is why Amana is comfortable offering a lifetime warranty on the compressor to the original owner.  As far as indoor climate control, the single-stage operation will do a good job of cooling your home quickly and keeping temperatures balanced, though the performance won’t be as good as with a 2-stage model.

User Rating: (4/5)

amana-air-conditioner-ating-picThe Distinctions SSX14 does very well with consumers because it is reliable, quiet and has an excellent service record. As noted, it is a unit best designed for homeowners in moderate or cool climates who want standard performance and are comfortable with single-stage operation.  It is often chosen for vacation homes as well, where a lower SEER is adequate with limited use, especially with the lower price point for the equipment.

Overall Rating: (3/5)

Due to high-quality components, an outstanding warranty and decent energy-efficiency, the Amana SSX14 Distinctions air conditioner is one of Amana’s top sellers. It is one of the best air conditioners on the market in the 13-15 SEER class.