What are the Differences in American Standard Air Conditioners?

American Standard makes a high-quality collection of central air conditioners.  If you’d like to know what are the differences in American Standard air conditioners, this overview will help.  You will find the information you need about the various series as well as their efficiency levels and features.  Our purpose is to provide you with information that will help you choose an air conditioner you’ll be very satisfied with.  Be sure to see other brand overviews on our site as well as central air conditioner ratings reviews for many individual models.

American Standard Platinum Air Conditioners

These are the best models produced by this manufacturer.  The Platinum ZM is a 20 SEER model that is wired for communication technology that coordinates system components.  The AccuLink Communicating System is designed to produce the highest efficiency and indoor comfort as part of an entire split system including a variable-speed gas furnace.  This model competes with the Carrier Infinity Series, Bryant Evolution, Trane XL20i and other models enhanced with communicating technology.  The other AC in this series is the Platinum XM that delivers 18 SEER performance.  Both Platinum models provide 2-stage heating.  The ZM does it with 2 separate Duration compressors; the XM does it with a single 2-stage compressor.  The units run on low capacity 80% of the time to provide gentler cooling and balanced temperatures.  With the help of a variable-speed blower in the furnace, they remove more humidity from the home, making it more comfortable.  The slower cycles also provide better air filtration.  These Energy Star models are backed by a 12-year compressor warranty and a 10-year parts warranty that is one of the best in the industry.

American Standard Gold Air Conditioners

This second level of air conditioners is very solid.  It is comparable to the Carrier Performance series or the Lennox Elite Series.  The models in it are the Gold XI with 17 SEER performance and the 14.5 SEER Gold SI.  Both are Energy Star qualified and are single-stage air conditioners.  They are more affordable than Platinum models and make good sense for moderate and cool climates.  The warranty covers the compressor and all parts for 10 years.

American Standard Silver Air Conditioners

This is an affordable line of air conditioners that definitely have their place.  The Silver XI is a single-stage 16 SEER model with an affordable price tag and the ability to keep energy costs under control.  It is Energy Star rated.  The other 2 Silver models are not Energy Star products but are very inexpensive.  They are the Silver SI standard model and the Silver SI compact model, both offering 14 SEER performance.  Silver Series models are popular in cooler climates where the demand for higher efficiency is not as great, as well as for use in part-time settings such as vacation homes, cottages and cabins.  These models are backed by a 10-year compressor warranty and a 5-year parts warranty.


American Standard has attempted to create a product family to meet the needs of every homeowner.  If you want energy efficiency and a very comfortable home, look at the Platinum and Gold models.  If you wantto spend less on equipment, some of the Gold models as well as the Silver models are worth a look.  Here is a brief overview of the entire American Standard air conditioner catalog:

American Standard Platinum Series: American Standard Platinum ZM (20 SEER) and American Standard Platinum XM (18 SEER).

American Standard Gold Series: American Standard Gold XI (17 SEER) and American Standard Gold SI (14.5 SEER).

American Standard Silver Series: American Standard Silver XI (16 SEER),  American Standard Silver SI standard (14 SEER) and American Standard Silver SI compact (14 SEER).


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