What are the Differences in Carrier Air Conditioners?

Carrier makes a variety of central air conditioners that meet the differing demands of their customers.  What are the differences in Carrier air conditioners?  This guide provides an outline of what’s available from one of the top-rated air conditioner manufacturers.  The information can be used to narrow you choices and decide which models you want to take a closer look at.  On this site, you’ll find central air conditioner ratings reviews for many of the individual models.

Carrier Infinity Air Conditioners

These are top of the line models and some of the highest-rated products in the industry.  They are also quite expensive, though durable and made with high-quality components.  There are 4 Infinity models.  The 2 most efficient are the Infinity 24ANA1 and the Infinity 24ANB1 heat pumps at 21 SEER.  The Infinity 24ANB7 is 18 SEER and the Infinity 24ANB6 is a 17 SEER model.  All of the Carrier Infinity air conditioners are 2-stage models that provide very comfortable indoor temperatures.  They run on low most of the time, with longer cycles that produce more balanced temperatures.  For best results, combine these ACs with matching Infinity air handlers.  They all use the highly-rated Infinity controller, though the Carrier Edge and Carrier Comfort 2-Stage thermostats are options.  Features on all models include Silencer II sound control, pressure switches to protect the compressor and enhanced diagnostics when using the Infinity control.

Carrier Performance/Comfort Air Conditioners

There are 5 models in this second-tier of Carrier air conditioners.  The primary differences from the Infinity models are that some of these are single-stage models and the average SEER rating is lower.  The 24ACB7 and the 24APA7 are very similar models. Both are 2-stage air conditioners with 18 SEER efficiency.  The only difference is the Carrier Performance 24APA7 supports the Infinity control and the Performance 24ACB7 does not.  The Performance 24ACC6 is a 16.5 SEER model that does support the Infinity controller while the Performance 24APA5 is a 16.5 SEER AC that uses the Edge or Comfort thermostats. They are both single-stage models. Finally, the Performance 24ACB3 is a single-stage model that offers 15 SEER performance and uses the Edge or Comfort thermostats.

Carrier Base Air Conditioners

These are Carrier’s most affordable models but they offer good quality and are backed by the same warranty as the top 2 lines.  These models are both single-stage units.  They are the 16.5 SEER Carrier 24ABC6 and the 15 SEER Carrier 24ABB3.


All Carrier air conditioners are Energy Star rated.  Each one is also covered by a 10-year parts limited warranty, showing the consistent quality throughout the lineup.  Here is an overview of the entire Carrier air conditioner collection:

Carrier Infinity Series: Carrier Infinity 24ANA1 (21 SEER), Carrier Infinity 24ANB1 (21 SEER), Carrier Infinity 24ANB7 (18 SEER) and the Carrier Infinity 24ANB6 (17 SEER).

Carrier Performance/Comfort Series: Carrier Performance 24ACB7 (18 SEER), Carrier Performance 24APA7 (18 SEEER), Carrier Performance 24ACC6 (16.5 SEER), Carrier Performance 24APA5 (16.5 SEER) and Carrier Performance 24ACB3 (15 SEER).

Carrier Base Series: Carrier Base 24ABC6 (16.5 SEER) and Carrier Base 24ABB3 (15 SEER).

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