Air Conditioner Ratings

While air conditioning is far from a necessity, who among us is willing to forgo the cool comforts of home when the mercury rises outside?  The problem lies when it is time to replace your AC system and you want to find some independent reviews and ratings on the units you are considering for your home.  Why is it a problem you ask?  Well it is not in the best interest of the local HVAC guys to provide this information and even if they did it would be far from independent.  That is why we created this site.  We are here to fill the void between the consumer and their need for information and ratings on specific ac units.  You will find rating information for units from every major manufacturer as well as some of the less well known ac brands.

This site’s sole focus is on air conditioners.  We forgo the added complexity of worrying about the remainder of your HVAC system and focus solely on your AC unit.  This allows us to delve deeper into each unit and tell you what you need to know when it comes time to spend your hard earned money on a new air conditioning system.  If you add that to our expert experience and you will find a treasure trove of information for you, the home owner.  We gather industry relevant information and utilize this and other information to judge one unit against what else is available in the market so that we can bring you an independent view on each ac system.  We aim to gain your satisfaction and trust with articles chock full of pertinent information and level headed thinking and analysis.

What Impacts Our Air Conditioning Ratings?

When it comes to AC systems, there are generally 3 main categories which separates the wheat from the chaff:

Central Air Conditioner Efficiency Rating

AC units are measured according to the national governments SEER factor and this makes it easy to compare one against another in terms of efficiency and your utility bills.  Today’s air conditioners come in SEER’s ranging from 13 to more than 20.  The 13 SEER rating, which is mandated as the lowest per government specs, will receive our lowest rating here and anything over 20 would receive our highest rating.

Central Air Conditioner Feature Rating

When we review specific air conditioning units we delve into the exact features afforded by each system.  We can then compare this feature set against what is available across the industry and rate it accordingly.

Central AC User Rating

After years of input and speaking with home owners and customers we have a good feel for which brands and units will be well received in the market and which will suffer poorer fates.  We will sum this up into one rating for each unit and display it as we expect your satisfaction will be after a few years running that particular ac system in your home.

Now, once we have rated each of the above accordingly we will do a simply average and give it one overall rating.  This is our suggestion on how we perceive that unit to compare to its peers.  However, since we rate each individually, you are welcome to weight different pieces more prominently in your purchase decision.

Please see the sidebar of the site to view our most recent air conditioning ratings.  If there is a specific model or brand that you would like to see us cover, please don’t hesitate to contact us and request a review.  We will be happy to add it to our site!

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